Peach Pesto Burrata Sandwich

This Peach Pesto Burrata Sandwich is perfect for when it’s just too hot to cook. Whether you’re looking to level up your lunches or just

Peach Panzanella Salad

We love our peaches around here, and this is one thing you need to make this weekend! Panzanella originated in Italy as a way to

Pesto Pizza Toast

pesto pizza toast recipe

Stop what you’re doing right now and make this! This Pesto Pizza Toast is my version of Hailey Bieber’s viral pizza toast. We couldn’t believe

Burrata and Fig Bites

Burrata and Fig Bites appetizer side dish recipe delicious best

These Burrata and Fig Bites are one of my favorite appetizers to make while figs are in season. They’re one of the easiest “dishes” to

Pesto Burrata Bites

This is such a simple and fun appetizer that’s perfect for the holiday season!! These Pesto Burrata Bites are so tasty, are filled with flavor

Easy Pesto Prosciutto Cheese Rolls

easy pesto prosciutto cheese rolls

I love these savory and Easy Pesto Prosciutto Cheese Rolls that are perfect for a quick bite, an appetizer, or even brunch. They’re so easy

Breakfast Toast Trio

breakfast toast trio

Toast is one of the most versatile breakfast and brunch dishes out there. I love having fun with it and putting a variety of ingredients

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