The Best Carbonara

I told you guys we were missing Rome… and the only right answer (aside from booking a flight back) was CARBONARA NIGHT! Andrew claims this tasted just like the carbonara we ate in Rome but I can’t take the credit, it’s Chef Pino and Sfoglina Julia’s recipe from Grano & Farina! Just like any Italian dish, there’s always a very opinionated way of doing it and this is the best method we’ve ever tried. Aside from all of the amazing experiences Rome had to offer, meeting them and taking their cooking classes topped our list. They made our trip complete. Run to the kitchen right now and try this out! Here’s a video on exactly how we make it. You can thank us later, but don’t forget the wine. Buon Appetito!

What You'll Need:

+ Fresh pasta (I used Semolin Artisana Pasta)
+ 150 g guanciale
+ 50 g pecorino romano
+ 6 egg yolks
+ Freshly cracked black pepper
+ Pasta water


1. Finely chop the guanciale and set aside.
2. Combine the egg yokes, pecorino romano, and freshly cracked pepper. Grate pecorino last minute, do not do this early as it will change texture.
3. In a skillet, cook the guanciale. Do not use oil to render guanciale (it will change the flavor) and add a little bit of water when cooking the guanciale to help render and melt the fat without burning it.
4. Cook your pasta, Use a small pot to boil the pasta so that the pasta water you will be using to incorporate is starchy.
5. Add your pasta to the pan you used to cook the guanciale and incorporate.
6. Add some pasta water to your egg yoke mixture and combine with your pasta and guanciale.
7. Add some fresh cracked pepper and pecorino romano on top and enjoy!

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