Hi! I'm Erin

I started this lifestyle blog as a creative outlet to highlight and share all aspects of my everyday life, food, home, and style. I’m currently living in the Pasadena area of LA with my husband Andrew. We tied the knot in 2018 at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Shortly after returning from our honeymoon in Bora Bora, we jumped right into the complete renovation of our new home. Although it was a lengthy and challenging process, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Cooking runs in my blood and I’ve grown to love it more and more as I’ve gotten older. My grandma owned an amazing Mexican restaurant in La Jolla and I’m lucky to have inherited her (and my mom’s) passion for food.

I was actually working in real estate and had always wanted to start a blog so I finally went for it. When the world turned upside down in 2020, I started to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. Sharing daily recipes (back then on Instagram Stories) brought us joy and it was also a way to connect with and help others during the difficult times. As our community began to grow, I wanted to share how much fun cooking could be without fear of making mistakes, all while showing how to make delicious food approachable and uncomplicated. I always made sure to have some fun with it by including some great music – I have my dad to thank for my taste in music!

Speaking of my dad, he still holds the record for the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run that he set in 1989 and is a two time national champion cross country coach. He’s also the reason I met Andrew, who ran on his high school team.

We expanded our family in May 2020 with our little pup Izzy – all 5 pounds of her spunky little attitude quickly took over our household, as those of you who follow on Stories already know!

Thank you so much for being here – Looking forward to sharing lots of delicious food and fun times together!

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the Our Place Always Pan for a nonstick option and All Clad for Stainless Steel (the best investment in my opinion!)

Most of our main rooms are Igloo by Dunn Edwards. We loved how bright and clean it looked with a touch of warmth. Guest room 1 is Lace Veil, guest room 2 is Droplets, and our office is Romantic – all by Dunn Edwards as well.

I have to thank my mom and dad for this one 😂 Long story… My dad was Andrew’s high school cross country/track coach and Andrew was helping out with the team when he moved back from college. After interacting with Andrew, my mom couldn’t stop telling me what a catch he was. It took me a while to come around but I asked them to invite Andrew over for dinner lol. He came over and barely said a word to me but he did love the tea I made him. My mom sent him an anonymous package of that tea to make it seem like I had sent it. I had NO idea and was so embarrassed but used the opportunity to ask him out for tea. The rest is history 😂 The full (crazy) story can be found here!

I have some tutorials saved to my hair highlight on IG. My friend and hair stylist Jessica usually does the following:

  • Partial baby fine highlight
  • Face framing highlight
  • Balayage for pop pieces
  • Root shadow for toning and overall toning after

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After spending a month Italy, we don’t have any plans just yet! However, we’re already missing it like crazy so I wouldn’t be surprised if we make our way back sometime soon. Hawaii, Mexico, France, Greece, Portugal, and Bora Bora are  also on our radar. We’re also excited for a few Santa Barbara and San Diego trips in the coming months. 

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I was working in real estate. Before that, I worked a lot of retail and interned at a music management company during college. My first job ever was waitressing at a local restaurant. Andrew worked at a pharmaceutical company. He started off in manufacturing, then worked in the microbiology lab for a few years before transitioning into a role similar to quality assurance. His first job ever was at Hot Dog on a Stick haha.

I had been wanting to start for many years and finally decided to go for it as a hobby in 2019. I officially launched in January 2020 (focusing on lifestyle, fashion, recipes, and home). When Andrew and I were home a lot more in 2020 we began to share more food videos because that’s what we were focusing on in our daily lives and what brought us joy. It’s crazy to think about how it naturally evolved and we’re so happy and grateful that we took the leap.

Self-taught! I’ve learned so much from my mom and grandma and have been fortunate to grow up watching them in the kitchen.

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