My Recent Travel Faves

Since we’re headed to Italy here pretty soon, I figured I’d round up some of my recent travel faves. The Beis weekender bag is by far my favorite carry-on bag! It’s just the right size, has plenty of pockets, and even fits under the seat if you need it to. This hair tool travel bag has a heat resistant mat, and these toiletry containers are magnetic and refillable – so convenient! I refuse to travel without this neck pillow, especially on long haul flights. I love this one because it’s bendable and adjustable for all different positions. I also had to include my Adidas Sambas on this list because they are the most comfortable sneaker! They go with everything and are a travel day must! Anyway, keep scrolling for more of my travel faves!

By the way, you can find more of my travel essentials on my Amazon Storefront!

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