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Capri italy travel guide for boat tour in amalfi coast island

We hadn’t originally planned to go to Capri but a few of our friends raved about it. They also recommended that we stay longer than just a daytrip if possible which was great advice. There’s so much to explore and I think it’s one of those places that just gets better the longer you’re there. It was beautiful, relaxing, and so much fun! It really has it all – stunning views, designer fashion, LOTS of shopping, adventure, beach clubs, scenic views; you name it. So, here’s a breakdown of our favorite restaurants, recommendations, and tips! This Capri travel guide has you covered on it all!

Where to Stay

Capri Tiberio Palace – We were deciding between Capri Tiberio Palace and Caesar Augustus but ultimately chose the option that was more convenient based on the fact that a majority of things we were going to do were closer to Tiberio Palace. We absolutely loved our hotel and the concierge, Serena, was great with helping us snag reservations. Extremely kind staff, great location and their breakfast was amazing. 

Capri italy travel guide for best tiberio palace hotel beach and ocean views in amalfi coast island

Where to Eat

Aurora – Well known celebrity hotspot with great food. They have pictures on the wall with everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, John Legend, The Kardashians, and Lebron James. First of all, the vibe is FUN. Great music, lively crowds and lots of birthday celebrations. It’s a party that’s dishing out delicious upscale food (wow that sounded like Guy Fieri) from the moment you walk in. We really liked that it was just fancy enough but not pretentious or stuffy. We tried their signature pizza all’acqua – their lamb chops, vegetable soup, and ice cream was also delicious. The vegetable soup was my personal favorite and Andrew and I still can’t get over the ice cream. It tasted like orange blossom and was so creamy, it even had bits of candied orange throughout. To die for! This was our favorite restaurant along with Da Gelsomina.

Capri italy travel guide for best restaurant at aurora in amalfi coast island

Da Gelsomina – As I just mentioned, this is our favorite restaurant along with Aurora. It’s off the beaten path and SO worth it! A free shuttle takes you there from Anacapri and the simple, traditional food and house-made wine were incredible! I (Erin) ordered the signature dish of Capri, ravioli alla caprese, and it was by far the best I had on the island. Andrew got a seafood paccheri pasta that was also delish. We went late in the evening but recommend going for sunset or during the day if possible – the view is amazing! 

Le Grottelle – Great local spot with a breathtaking view! Also only a couple minutes walk from Arco Naturale. Trust us – go for lunch and order the classic dishes with a bottle of rosé and ENJOY! 

Il Riccio – We went here for lunch and the view overlooking the sea towards Naples is stunning. Although the food was good and the spot is iconic, there were other places we liked a bit more. It’s still worth checking out for the view.

Da Paolino – Otherwise known as the restaurant that’s set underneath the lemon trees. You really can’t go to Capri without visiting this restaurant – it’s very popular and known for being an instagrammable photo spot. We ordered the Da Paolino spritz, an assortment of appetizers, and pasta. Get the limoné. Lastly, go during the day or before it gets dark (unlike us thanks to our schedule haha) – better experience and photos! 

Rooftop Bars

Le Monzu – Fantastic gin bar at Hotel Punta Tragara. It overlooks the popular Faraglioni.

Pulalli – Great spot for aperitivo. Their terrace is right next to the clock tower and overlooks Piazzetta di Capri (the main square on the island).

Cafes and Gelato

Gelateria Buonocore – Delicious gelato – the best in Capri. There’s usually a long line but if you go early (or late) enough, you won’t have to wait much and it moved fast for us. Plus, it’s totally worth it!

What to Do

Boat Around the Island – This is a great way to check out the whole island. It’s absolutely beautiful and you can cruise the famous Faraglioni and see the popular Blue Grotto. There are plenty of other grottos (green and white) and great rock formations to see! We used BluRide Capri but have heard of some great experiences with others like Gianni’s Boat as well.

Capri italy travel guide for faraglioni boat tour in amalfi coast island

Explore Beautiful Pathways of Capri – There are so many little paths and alleyways that are perfect for wandering around. 

Window Shopping at Via Camerelle – Tons of luxury brands including Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. I may or may not have purchased a bag from Bottega 🙈

Capri italy travel guide for shopping at via camerelle and vittorio emanuele in amalfi coast island

Visit Anacapri – It’s only about a 10 minute taxi and well worth it! It’s a bit less touristy and more relaxed than the main town area of Capri. It also has a ton of local boutique artisanal shops and the sunsets on this side of the island are spectacular. 

Hike to Villa Jovis – These are the ruins of the home of Emperor Tiberius. If you’re into history, this is a must-see!

Marina Piccola – This is a great beach to go swimming because the water is crystal clear and usually still. It’s one of two sand beaches on the island.

Marina Grande – This is the largest beach on the island and although it’s near the port, the water is still very clear. It’s also the only other sand beach on the island.

La Fontelina – The IT spot in Capri. This is a trendy and picturesque beach club on the rocks. Definitely recommend laying out with some drinks. They also have a restaurant that’s perfect for lunch. Try the Fontelina Spritz, it’s delish!

Lido Del Faro – This beach club is similar to La Fontelina except it’s on the opposite side of the island (west side). It’s a great spot to see the sunset and the lighthouse of Capri.

Have Granita di Limone at Piazzetta Capri

Take Funicular to the Marina 

Grab Some Custom/Handmade Sandals at Cuccurullo 

Arco Naturale – Super easy to access – you can see it along a pathway only a couple minutes walk away from Le Grottelle. It’s a natural limestone arch that is located on the top of a cliff and it was formed from the erosion of a grotto during the Paleolithic age.

Piazzetta di Capri – This is considered the center of the island. It’s always bustling and lively – the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the moment.

3-Day Itinerary

Day 1

  • Ferry to Capri – Check into hotel
  • Lunch at Il Riccio
  • Walk around town
  • Aperitivo at Le Monzu Ristorante
  • Dinner at Da Paolino Restaurant

Day 2

  • Breakfast at hotel or local café
  • Explore beautiful pathways of Capri
  • Check out Arco Naturale
  • Lunch at Le Grottelle (breathtaking view!)
  • Gelato at Gelateria Buonocore
  • Window shopping at Via Camerelle (tons of luxury brands including Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.)
  • Aperitivo at Pulalli Wine Bar in Piazzetta di Capri
  • Dinner at Aurora

Day 3

  • Breakfast at hotel or local café
  • Take funicular to the marina
  • Boat around the island and visit the Blue Grotto (Also the white and green grottos)
  • Lunch and laying out at the beach at La Fontelina
  • Head to Marina Piccola for a bit
  • Grab some custom/handmade sandals at Cuccurullo
  • Have granita di limone at Piazzetta Capri
  • Dinner at Da Gelsomina

Check out our video on this itinerary here!

Notes & Tips

  • To get to the island, you’ll want to take a ferry or private boat from Naples or all along the Amalfi Coast.
  • Arrange with your hotel to have your luggage transported straight to your hotel, otherwise you’ll have to carry everything you have through the main town area and pathways, depending on where you’re staying.
  • Capri town doesn’t allow cars past a certain point. It’s actually really nice to be able to walk around everywhere you want to go! If you need to get to/from the marina or Anacapri, you can easily take a bus or taxi. The taxi system there is amazing – you can find taxi drivers very easily but it’s quite a bit more expensive than just the bus.

If you liked this Capri travel guide & itinerary and are interested in checking out more about Italy, we have several more guides here!

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