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amalfi coast italy travel guide for lemons at la taverna del duca ristorante

Amalfi was beautiful and so much fun. If you’re taking a day trip, we recommend getting there early to enjoy the town before the crowds roll in during the middle of the day. We loved it most in the morning and at night because it was less crowded. We opted to stay in Ravello because it was a bit more romantic and relaxing. Whatever you do, don’t leave Amalfi without trying all things lemon and the delicious seafood. This Amalfi travel guide has all our recommendations if you’re planning a trip to Amalfi!

Where to Stay

We stayed in Ravello but if we would have stayed in Amalfi, it would have been Hotel Santa Caterina. 

Where to Eat

La Taverna Del Duca – When we arrived to Amalfi we were of course on the hunt for the best spaghetti al limoné in town. We had done research prior but also asked a handful of locals before commiting to a restaurant for lunch. Several locals recommended La Taverna Del Duca and told us it was the best pasta, specifically limoné, in town. They weren’t wrong! It was the best limoné we had during our time in Italy and I can’t wait to recreate it. Our waiter was so kind and let us in on some of the ingredients, he also gave us an amalfi lemon from his tree at home (we have a picture of this). You also can’t go wrong with their apps, seafood, and limoncello spritz! Check out a video of our experience here!

amalfi coast italy travel guide for best restaurant at la taverna del duca ristorante

Pizzeria Donna Stella – Our favorite pizza in Amalfi and some of the best pizza we’ve ever had! It’s also a really fun and relaxed vibe. The patio area is beautiful with lemon trees hanging over. Their pasta is great as well. DON’T MISS THIS ONE.

Da Gemma – This is an Amalfi staple – it’s been around forever, specifically since 1872, and has a great terrace overlooking the popular Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi. The food is incredible. Some menu highlights are fresh caught fish (of course), pasta alla genovese, octopus and potatoes, and allll the seafood. 

amalfi coast italy travel guide for best restaurant at trattoria da gemma ristorante

Zefiro Sereno – This was recommended to us and we’re still kicking ourselves for not having enough time to make it over. It’s not in the main town area of Amalfi, it’s located right on the coast (beachfront dining) in between Amalfi and Praiano. The food looks absolutely insane and it will be our first stop next time we’re in Amalfi. Although we didn’t personally go, I think it’s safe to say you can’t miss it. 

La Rua Pizze e Delizie – Casual spot with incredible pizza and great prices. They also offer sandwiches, small plates, and dessert. Great place to pick up a bite to enjoy on the beach! HEAVEN!

Cafes and Gelato

Pasticceria Pansa – We loved this Andrea Pansa’s pastry shop! It’s in a prime location and a great spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. It’s been open since 1830!

Lemon Sorbet – You can’t miss all of the lemon sorbet vendors! It’s a bit touristy but hey, you’re in Amalfi and anything lemon there is amazing. It’s also a great way to cool down! Search around for the best price and enjoy! 

What to Do

Walk Around and Explore the Town – There are tons of cute little shops and alleyways to check out! Spend some time wandering the beautiful streets. 

Piazza Duomo/Cathedral of Saint Andrew – This is the most iconic spot in Amalfi that’s impossible to miss. Grab some Sorbetto di Limone and take a picture like this:

amalfi coast italy travel guide for Piazza Duomo and Cathedral of Saint Andrew with lemon limone sorbet

Check out Atrani – One of the oldest towns along the Amalfi Coast. It’s authentic Italian and has a great beach.

Boat Tour – Such a great way to see all of the Amalfi Coast and a ton of fun too!

1-Day Itinerary

Day 1

  • Check into hotel
  • Pasticceria Pansa for coffee and pastries
  • Lunch at Pizzeria Donna Stella
  • Boat tour of Amalfi Coast or relax at the beach
  • Check out Atrani (if time permits)
  • Walk around and explore the town
  • Dinner at La Taverna Del Duca or Da Gemma

Notes & Tips

If you’re in Amalfi/Ravello for a few days and can squeeze in a day trip to Sorrento, we would recommend it because it sounds incredible. Some spots we would love to check out there are Pizzeria da Franco and Porta Marina Seafood. Our friends Jessica and Jeff loved it and it’s on our bucket list.

If you liked this Amalfi travel guide & itinerary and are interested in checking out more about Italy, we have several more guides here!

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