Ravello Travel Guide

ravello travel guide

Ravello is like walking into an actual storybook – it’s so charming and picturesque. Along with some of the most amazing panoramic views in all of Italy, it’s rich in music, culture, art, and of course, food. I definitely recommend checking it out, even if you’re planning a quick day trip. We loved the romantic vibe and slower pace. Everything is walking distance and the main town area doesn’t allow cars. There’s truly no place like it. This Ravello travel guide has all our recommendations if you’re planning a trip to Ravello!

Where to Stay

Palazzo Avino – This hotel has beautiful grounds and an insane panoramic view of the coast.  The pool area is especially stunning! We had heard so many great things from others, and still continue to. We were there in the beginning of May before their high season. 

Where to Eat

Trattoria Da Cumpa’ Cosimo – This place is legendary, and in our opinion, it’s the best restaurant in town! To say that it’s a special spot would be an understatement and we’re clearly not the only ones who feel this way. It may be the most low key celebrity hotspot to ever exist (loved by Jackie O, Chrissy Tiegan & John Legend, and Mariah Carey). As we were eating there we also noticed that it had been blessed by the Pope – how cool is that!?

We were fortunate enough to meet chef and owner, Nonna Netta Bottone, who clearly runs the show. The restaurant has been owned by her family for 4 generations. She not only cooks but also scans the tables very carefully to make sure everything is running smoothly. Their food was fantastic – we especially loved their simple & delicious caprese salad (you can check out a video I put together about this here), their fresh catch of the day (it was SO GOOD…), and their pasta bolognese. You can’t miss the homemade desserts or gelato here either! 

Terrazza Belvedere – This is located at Palazzo Avino and offers a really spectacular view. The food was delish and we enjoyed their terrace during lunchtime. We also checked it out for aperitivo and it’s the perfect sunset spot! 

Belmond Caruso – Also a great spot to grab for drinks and watch the sunset! The staff was very welcoming and the view was beautiful. 

Other notable restaurants that were recommended to us were Mimì Ristorante, Villa Maria, and Vittoria. If you can, definitely check out the wine tasting experience at Palazzo Confalone!!! 

What to Do


Villa Rufolo – This villa dates back to the 13th century and has amazing views. Walk around and enjoy all the beauty of the gardens, architecture, and coastline. The 19th century composer, Richard Wagner, fell in love with Villa Rufolo so he decided to stay in Ravello to complete the second part of his opera. This inspired Ravello, which is now considered the City of Music. The Ravello Festival is an annual summer concert series that occurs at Villa Rufolo as well.

ravello travel guide and itinerary at villa rufolo view

Villa Cimbrone – Like Villa Rufolo, this is the place to go for beautiful views, gardens, and architecture. It’s amazing how high up the villa is and yet it’s so close to the ocean! You’ll be in awe when you walk through the Ally of Immensity to see the Terrace of Infinity and tons of amazing statues along the way. We REALLY enjoyed seeing the choistro and crypt! So much history and such an amazing experience. 

Check Out Ceramic Shops and Other Small Boutiques, Wine Shops, Cafes – We went to Ceramiche d’Arte Pascal and bought a lot of great ceramic gifts and kitchen/home items for ourselves. Leo, the owner of the shop, was also very kind! They actually ship to the US for free which is awesome. 

Piazza Centrale/Duomo di Ravello – The main town center! This is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. There are lots of little shops, cafes, and restaurants to check out here. It’s so beautiful, romantic, and filled with tons of history. 

Walk Around, A LOT – One thing you must carve out time for in Ravello is just walking around and admiring the beautiful pathways. Don’t rush, just take it all in. 

Boat Tour of Amalfi Coast – Such a great way to see all of the Amalfi Coast and a ton of fun too!

1-Day Itinerary

Day 1

  • Check into hotel
  • Visit Villa Rufolo
  • Head to Villa Cimbrone
  • Check out Piazza Centrale/Duomo
  • Go into ceramic shops and other boutiques
  • Lunch at Terrazza Belvedere (Palazzo Avino) or by the pool (The view is stunning)
  • Boat tour of Amalfi Coast (if time permits) or pool at hotel
  • Aperitivo and sunset at Belmond Caruso bar
  • Dinner at Trattoria Da Cumpa’ Cosimo

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