Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

best chicken tortilla soup that is the perfect warming and comforting soup for fall and winter

This Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup is truly a hug in a bowl. I shared this recipe as part of my 30 Minute Meal Series. In all honesty, it takes closer to 40 minutes to make, but it’s well worth the extra 10! The best part is that it only requires one pot. It’s the perfect dish when you’re craving something warm, hearty, and comforting. In this recipe, the tortillas are actually blended into the soup which thickens it and creates that rich and creamy consistency. Be sure to garnish with lots of cheese, tortilla strips, sour cream, and avocado.

Here’s a video of how I made my Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup! For another delicious and comforting dish, check out this Creamy Butternut Squash Soup recipe.

What You'll Need:

Serves 6-8

+ 4 tablespoons neutral oil, such as avocado oil

+ 1 medium yellow onion, diced small

+ 2 medium carrots, peeled and diced small

+ 1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced small

+ 2 tablespoons garlic, minced

+ 2 teaspoons chili powder

+ 1.5 teaspoon coriander

+ 1 teaspoon cumin

+ 1.5. teaspoon oregano

+ 2 teaspoon paprika

+ 3/4 teaspoon Cayenne

+ 1 14 oz. can crushed tomatoes

+ 4 teaspoon salt

+ 6 cups chicken stock

+ 2 cups heavy cream

+ 10-12 small corn tortillas (torn by hand)

+ 1 2lb. rotisserie chicken, shredded

+ Freshly cracked black pepper to taste

+ Sour cream, colby jack cheese, avocado, fresh cilantro, and crushed tortilla chips/strips for serving


1. In a large heavy bottomed dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat. Add in the onions and cook until translucent, approximately 5 minutes.

2. Add in the carrots, the red bell pepper, and the garlic. Cook for another 5-8 minutes until slightly tender, stirring frequently. Add in all the spices and saute for 30 seconds.

3. Pour in the crushed tomatoes and cook for another 5 minutes, season with salt, and add in the chicken stock. Bring to a simmer and cook until carrots are completely tender, approximately 10-12 mins.

4. Add in the heavy cream and torn tortillas. Simmer for another 8-10 mins. Using a stick blender or transfering heat proof blender, blend until mixture is smooth.

5. Taste for seasoning and add in the shredded chicken. Turn off the heat and stir to combine.

6. Garnish with sour cream, cheese, avocado, cilantro, and crushed tortilla chips/strips on top!

Note: The more tortillas you use in this recipe, the thicker the consistency will be. Base the number of tortillas on your desired consistency. Enjoy!

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