How I Organize Our Pantry

If your pantry needs a good cleanout, then you’re going to love today’s post! I recently organized and restocked our entire pantry – guess how long that took me?! If you want to see the before and after then you have to check out this reel. Anyway, I find that having plenty of storage containers, baskets and lazy Susans are the key to transforming your pantry – and keeping it that way! So, here’s everything I used to transform our pantry.

STEP 1 – Remove everything from your pantry. I know this might sound painful but just trust me! It will be so much easier to organize everything when you can see it all laid out on your calendar. This will also give you an opportunity to not only clean your shelves, but figure out where things best make sense.

STEP 2 – Then, I like to place my baskets, storage bins and spice racks where I want them. This helps me strategize where things make the most sense. For instance, I like to keep the things I use most often at eye level and in easy to reach places. For bulk items or things I don’t use as often, I’ll use higher up areas or the floor space.

STEP 3 – Now for the fun part! I like to store things like pasta, rice and flour in large airtight containers. Not only does it look neater in your pantry, but it helps keep them fresher longer. It also helps you to visually see everything you have. You could even use a dry erase chalk marker to write the expiration date or any other important information to the bottom of the container so you don’t have to worry about throwing the packaging away.

STEP 4 – Place everything back in your pantry. I like to use lazy Susans for things like oil, vinegar and other cooking ingredients. Spice racks are useful for spices of course, but I also like to use them for things like canned goods and jars. I also love this tea organizer! It saves so much space and I get compliments every time I bring it out for guests.

As a reminder, I save all my kitchen and organization essentials on my Amazon Storefront. I’d love to know what you’d like to see me organize and restock next – maybe the fridge?

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