Mediterranean Power Bowl

mediterranean power bowl salad

This Mediterranean Power Bowl is one of my favorite salads and I make it multiple times a week! It’s so fast, simple, healthy AND flavorful. I love making it for lunches, snacks and dinners. Enjoy!

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What You'll Need:

+ Quinoa (I like to flavor mine with a tiny bit of Better Than Bouillon or salt/pepper)

+ Baby Arugula

+ Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

+ Persian Cucumbers

+ Red Onion

+ Feta (I highly recommend using good quality feta in the brine – we love Mevgal and TJ’s has a great one also)

+ Lemon Olive Oil

+ Juice of a Lemon (I squeeze half and serve with the other for extra)

+ Dried Oregano

+ Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Here’s a video of how I put the Mediterranean Power Bowl together!

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