Perfect Tzatziki

perfect tzatziki greek food dip recipe

Andrew and I traveled to Santorini in 2015. One of our favorite experiences there was a catamaran tour from a local who taught us how to make an authentic perfect tzatziki which only required a few ingredients. I’ve tweaked it to our liking and it’s one of our favorite dips of all time. Highly recommend trying it out – Enjoy!

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What You'll Need:

+ 1 1/2 cups Full fat Greek yogurt

+ 1 Whole cucumber or 2/3 Persian cucumbers finely grated

+ 2 Cloves garlic pressed or minced

+ 1/2 Lemon (more if you prefer)

+ Splash of White vinegar

+ 1/2 tsp. Salt

+ Approx 2 tbsp. Good quality olive oil

+ Dried Oregano to taste

+ Black Pepper to taste

+ (You can add dill or mint if you have them on hand but not necessary and I usually don’t)


1. Combine Greek yogurt, garlic, lemon, salt, olive oil and vinegar and refrigerate.

2. Grate cucumber and strain out all of the moisture with a cheese cloth (doubled up paper towel also works).

3. Refrigerate cucumber and leave in the fridge for as long as desired – the longer the better and it’s amazing if left in overnight.

4. Combine yogurt mixture and cucumber.

5. Add in oregano, pepper and garnish with some more olive oil.

Here’s a video of how I put the Perfect Tzatziki together!

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