Your Recommendations for Flight Anxiety

Your Recommendations for Flight Anxiety

Hi guys! I shared on stories the other day that I am an extremely anxious flyer. I used to LOVE flying when I was younger but back in 2015 during our trip to Europe something shifted with no rhyme or reason. I asked for your recommendations and as always, you had great advice that also gave me a good laugh. I wanted to share the responses along with a few tips of mine in case it helps anyone else out there. Disclaimer: always check with your doctor when it comes to taking any prescription/medication, of course! Ok, let’s get into it. Here are your recommendations for flight anxiety!

Tips from you guys

  • Keep occupied: watch movies, play a game or do work that involves focusing 
  • Lavender pills and a glass of champagne 
  • 1-2 glasses of wine before boarding 
  • Xanax the night before and then before boarding 
  • Loose clothing, eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, sleeping pill + wine 
  • Champagne! 
  • Lavender lotion or sanitizer 
  • Charged ear pods with a chill playlist and a mini bottle of tequila 
  • Have a good book and ear plugs ready so you can immediately zone out 
  • Wine before departure. Wine on the plane. And more wine! 
  • Pray and drink lol 
  • Xanax and noise cancelling headphones 
  • CBD oil
  • Take deep breaths 
  • Do something that calms you down (i.e. knitting) 
  • Stay busy! 
  • The most dangerous & where accidents are more likely to occur is during takeoff and landing – after that, you’re good! Drink all the wine 
  • Bring a bottle of lavender essential oil and put it behind ears to keep calm 
  • Dramamine – I know it’s for motion sickness but if you take 2 makes you nice and sleepy 
  • Bring entertainment! Books, magazines, music 
  • Listen to the same album for the first part of the flight – sounds weird, but gave me a routine and calmed me down 
  • Get tipsy 
  • I say lots of prayers, meditate – it helps me not think about it for some time 
  • Dramamine and a glass of wine 

What I like to remember

These are a few things that have helped me shift my perspective over the years. 

  • Although it doesn’t feel like it, remember you are safer in a plane than a car (especially driving in LA lol)
  • Worry will solve nothing and will only exhaust you. This is one that I’m constantly working on but at the end of the day, your worry will not impact the outcome of anything. As the control freak I am, that one stings but it’s the truth. Do your best to let go and focus on the exciting parts of the trip ahead. 
  • This may be the best advice or worst advice but it’d proven to be extremely effective for me… go into your flight TIRED (as long as you’re able to sleep on the plane, of course!) I have always been significantly more calm when I’ve been dead ass tired. I float through the motions with much less anxiety. 
  • Lastly, have a routine that gives you some comfort and try CBD//melatonin. I also love a glass of wine to calm the nerves, but I’m sure you already knew that 😉 Cheers!

Hope this helps! Please leave any additional recommendations below and hanks again for all your recommendations for flight anxiety! For more fun travel topics, check out this page on my blog! Also, here’s my take on your recommendations during our Italy trip.


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