5 Minute Pesto

5 minute pesto pasta sauce

We’re making one of Andrew’s most requested meals tonight! This is a 5 minute pesto recipe my mom and I came up with years ago and it has become a staple in our family’s rotation. It’s quick, easy and so flavorful! We put it on just about everything – sandwiches, toast, salads, pizza, and of course, pasta! Enjoy!

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What You'll Need:

+ 2-3 Cups Fresh Basil

+ 3/4 Cup of Freshly Grated Grated Parmigiano Reggiano (do not use pre-grated it makes allll the difference)

+ 3 Cloves Garlic

+ 2-3 tbsp. Pine Nuts (if you’re allergic to nuts, you can totally leave these out and just use a bit more cheese for thickness)

+ Eyeball the Extra Virgin Olive Oil based on desired thickness

+ Generous Amount of Salt & Pepper to Taste

+ 1 tbsp. Butter (I know it’s not traditional, but optional as it makes it silky smooth)

+ Pasta water (approximately 1/4 -1/2 cup)

+ Pasta (I personally love fusilli for this dish)


1. Heavily salt pasta water and cook pasta until al dente.

2. While pasta is cooking combine basil, garlic, and pine nuts in a food processor until fine.

3. Add half of the parmesan in, turn the processor on, and drizzle in the olive oil until you’ve reached your desired consistency.

4. Add the remaining parmesan and process very quickly or fold into the sauce – this adds a nice texture. Season with salt & pepper to taste.

5. Strain your pasta and put it right back into the pot. Add in pesto sauce and butter (optional). Stir quickly until evenly coated. Use pasta water to thin out if needed.

6. Top with some more finely grated parmigiano and enjoy!

Here’s a video of how I put the 5 minute pesto together!

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