Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Orecchiette

Do yourself a favor and make this Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Orecchiette immediately! Courtesy of our friends at Grano & Farina (you can check out their website here), the wonderful Chef Pino & Sfoglina Julia (who have taught us how to make traditional orecchiette from scratch but we were short on time here). It’s so flavorful, hearty and delicious! Since they’ve shared it with us it’s become a go-to in our kitchen, especially during the colder months! It’s perfect for an easy weeknight meal or a cozy date night in. Enjoy!

What You'll Need:

+ 1 lb. Orecchiett or pasta of choice

+ 4 tbsp EVOO

+ 1 clove garlic

+ Pinch of red pepper flakes

+ 200g pork sausage (about 7 oz.)

+ 4 oz dry white wine (I used Riesling but you can use anything you want like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, etc.)

+ 200g broccoli rabe (about 7 oz.)

+ Salt to taste

+ Pecorino Romano (we’ve also used Parmigiano Reggiano)


Here’s a video of how I made this Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Orecchiett.

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