Holiday Pomegranate Spritz

holiday pomegranate spritz recipe

It’s the holiday season and what better way to share moments of joy with friends and family than with this delicious Holiday Pomegranate Spritz cocktail!? It’s festive, flavorful, and a must-try. Hope you love it as much as we do! Cheers!

Here’s a video of how I made my Holiday Pomegranate Spritz! For another delicious cocktail recipe, check out my Holiday Pomegranate & Blood Orange Margarita Batch Cocktail.

What You'll Need:

+ 1 1/4 parts Courvoisier VSOP

+ 3/4 part dry rosé wine

+ 1/4 part pomegranate syrup

+ ¾ part red aperitif

+ 1/4 part lemon juice

+ Top with soda

+ Garnish with rosemary


1. Combine Courvoisier VSOP, dry rosé wine, pomegranate syrup, red aperitif, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker & shake until frosty.

2. Add ice to a glass & strain mixture overtop.

3. Top with club soda.

4. Garnish with rosemary and pomegranate seeds.

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