Strawberry Limoncello Spritz

This Strawberry Limoncello Spritz is the perfect summer cocktail for aperitivo time

Here’s how to make a Strawberry Limoncello Spritz! You guys know how much I love my Limoncello Spritz and this time I added strawberry for a fun and refreshing summer drink! It’s actually a combination of two of my favorites to sip on in Italy – a Limoncello Spritz and a Rossini (the signature drink of Hotel Il San Pietro in Positano). If you love strawberry and lemon as much as we do, you’ve got to try this simple and delicious cocktail!

Here’s a video of how I made my Strawberry Limoncello Spritz!

What You'll Need:

+ 4 oz. Prosecco

+ 2 oz. Strawberry puree

+ 2 oz. Limoncello

+ 1 oz. Freshly squeezed lemon juice

+ Splash of Sparkling water

+ Lemon slice and strawberry for garnish


To make the strawberry puree blend 2 cups strawberries with 2-3 tbsp. sugar (depending on sweetness of strawberries), and a splash of lemon juice or water. Strain if desired and keep in the fridge for up to 4 days.

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