Chipotle BBQ Bacon Guacamole Burger

best Chipotle BBQ Bacon Guacamole cheese Burger recipe

We finally got Andrew back in the kitchen! He’s grilling up his all-time favorite Chipotle BBQ Bacon Guacamole Burger that’s packed with tons of flavor. Even though it took a few hours to film this one, it was WELL worth its and so delicious! Let us know if you want to see Andrew try any other recipes 😂 Enjoy!

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What You'll Need:

+ Angus Grass-Fed Ground Beef

+ Hamburger Bun

+ Butter

+ Cheddar Cheese

+ Applewood Smoked Bacon

+ BBQ Sauce

+ Iceberg Lettuce

+ Red Onion

+ Guacamole (Avocado, Jalapeno, Onion, Lime, Cumin, Pepper Salt)


+ Chipotle Powder

+ Montreal Steak Seasoning

+ Lawry’s Seasoned Salt


1. Prepare your guacamole and set aside.

2. Form a burger patty and place a piece of cheddar in the middle, then layer with another beef patty on top. Make sure to connect the edges together so the cheddar doesn’t leak out of the patty while cooking.

3. Generously season both sides of the patty.

4. Place bacon in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes, flipping each piece halfway through.

5. Cook the patty on the stove/grill for approximately 4-5 minutes on each side depending on size. Andrew likes to cover with a lid so that the whole patty cooks evenly.

6. After each side is done, place cheddar on top and cover with lid until the cheese is melted. Spread butter on the insides of the buns and place on the stove/grill for 1 minute.

7. Assemble the burger – bottom bun, patty, bacon, bbq sauce, red onion, lettuce, guacamole, top bun, and then stick a toothpick in through to middle to keep it all in place.

8. Enjoy!

Here’s a video of how I put Andrew’s Chipotle BBQ Bacon Guacamole Burger together!

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