Easy Weeknight Enchilada Casserole

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It’s enchilada night over here and my mom and I are making it an Easy Weeknight Enchilada Casserole thanks to La Victoria’s Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Sauce! This dish is quick, easy, and sooo delicious! The sauce is a must-have pantry staple of mine. It’s made with roasted poblano green chiles, tomatillos and is inspired by traditional enchiladas suizas. My favorite part is how much flavor and creaminess it brings to the dish.

For a more delicious and complex enchilada, check out my Nana’s Green Enchiladas recipe.

What You'll Need:

+ 1 jar of La Victoria Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Sauce (more if desired)

+ 1 Whole Roasted Rotisserie Chicken, shredded

+ Corn Tortillas, we used 18 total

+ 1 Jalapeno, finely diced

+ ¼ cup Vegetable or Avocado Oil

+ 2 cups Mexican Blend Cheese, shredded

+ Salt and Pepper to taste (optional)

+ White Onion, diced for garnish

+ Cilantro, chopped for garnish

+ Cotija Cheese, crumbled for garnish

+ Sour Cream for garnish


1. Add oil to a large skillet over medium-high heat. Place tortillas in oil, one by one, and quickly flip with tongs. The goal is to quickly coat with oil and to make sure they are still soft and pliable.

2. Spread @lavictoriabrand Green Chile Enchilada Sauce at the base of the casserole dish to prevent sticking.

3. Begin layering with tortillas, shredded chicken, jalapeno, Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Sauce, and cheese.

4. Repeat one more time and then top with the last layer of tortillas, Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Sauce, and cheese.

5. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes until cheese is completely melted. 

6. Garnish with all of the toppings (we like sour cream, onion, cilantro, and cotija) and enjoy!

Here’s a video of how I put my Easy Weeknight Enchilada Casserole together!

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