Spicy Pesto Panini

spicy pesto panini sandwich

Stop what you’re doing and try this Spicy Pesto Panini! It’s one of my favorite easy weeknight meals – simple, quick and flavorful. It’s also one of our favorites for lunch. Enjoy!

Check out this Crispy Garlic Feta Fries recipe for the perfect pairing to this panini.

What You'll Need:

+ Homemade Pesto – check out the recipe here and add red pepper to it based on taste (I did about 1 tsp.)

+ Ciabatta bread

+ Fresh mozzarella

+ Tomatoes

+ Basil

+ Balsamic glaze

+ Small amount of butter on the outside of the bread to brown (optional)

We used a panini press but a skillet works just as well.


Here’s a video of how I put the Spicy Pesto Panini together!

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