Watermelon Rose Margarita

This may be the most refreshing summer recipe yet! If you love watermelon as much as we do, you’ve got to try this one! It’s quick, easy, and seriously delicious. I love the flavor combination, especially with the touch of rose water. It’s so unique and just the perfect amount of sweetness. Soak in these last few days of summer – it’s a must for a hot day. See how I make it in this video.

What You'll Need:

+ 5 oz fresh watermelon juice, strained

+ 2 oz tequila

+ 1/2 oz orange liqueur

+ Juice of 1/2 lime

+ 1 tsp. rose water

+ 10 mint leaves

+ 1/2 oz agave

+ Honey and tajin to rim the glass

+ Mint sprig to garnish


1. Muddle the mint and agave.

2. Add the watermelon juice, ice, tequila, orange liqueur, rose water and lime juice to the muddled mint to a shaker.

3. Shake all ingredients. Rime a glass with honey and tajin. Pour in the glass and enjoy!

4. If you prefer to make this a mocktail, leave out the tequila and sub the orange liqueur for 1 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice and top with sparkling water.

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